Acapulco, Mexico Spring Break Packages

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Acapulco is the hottest and oldest west coast party city in Mexico. Tourism has been the main industry since 1950, so they know how to party in style. With the combination of new and old Acapulco the city is a host to huge hotels, trendy shops and happening discos, but also old churches, cobble roads and beautiful architecture.

Although the normal itinerary for college students is to drink most hours of the day, if you have a free minute see the world-famous cliff divers of La Quebrada. They risk their lives jumping from a 140-foot cliff, now that is nothing short of amazing!

Acapulco also has another claim to fame, but it is found underwater. If a holy experience is what you are seeking, look no further. You don’t even have to go to church: Adventure seekers can dive and swim around a submerged bronze statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Speaking of water sports, Acapulco has it all. You can do just about anything from the beach, including water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, boat tours and almost anything else you could imagine. If you and a special someone want to find a little privacy, try escaping to one of the many lagoons that are all around Acapulco.

For the avid shoppers the market places are a great place to use your bargaining skills. Acapulco has been catering to tourists for over 50 years, and shopping is everywhere.

But don’t worry kids, after the fun and sun of the day wears you out, take a short siesta and get your beer goggles on to hit the town because the nightlife has plenty to offer. Acapulco sits on a bay, and many restaurants and clubs are located in this breathtaking nighttime scene. If your turn-ons are long walks on the beach, holding hands while the sun sets over Acapulco and freshly groomed Chihuahuas, then Acapulco is the place for you. Spring Break ya!