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Bet you never studied how to party like rock stars in school? Well here is your chance. Introductions are not needed. But for the sake of everyone else, welcome to beautiful California, where there is no greater place to find a little of something for everyone. You can take in the scenic views of Yosemite National Park, experience the beach life of San Diego, or enter the crazed world of Los Angeles or even head north to San Francisco for cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge. Whatever your tastes are, California serves up a smorgasbord of options.

Never a dull moment in California. I can vouch for that, being born and raised there for 18 years of my life – only relocating for the progression of my education. I am not surprised why so many not only flock to live in California but also vacation there. The simple answer is “why not?” but depending on your interest there are varying degrees of vacation outings. The hot spots for spring break are hands down San Diego and Los Angeles. The beaches and warm weather are the main draw from San Diego, while Disneyland, movie stars and shopping seem to bring in the thousands to Los Angeles. But don’t leave northern California without one of its many claims to fame: San Francisco. It’s a bit colder, and a bit less tourist-driven, but only a bit. As the song goes, you will leave your heart in San Francisco. Once there, you will most definitely sight see at Alcatraz or Union Square, not to mention Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, the tourist central.

All locations aside, your first decision has to be made about what activities you want to do while in beautiful California. Your choices range from camping, snow sports, beaches, big cities or small towns, amusement parks, shopping, surfing, relaxing or adventure seeking. If you want to give all that up and just look for famous people that is a possiblity as well, and you might actually be seeing stars by the end of your trip (and not the actors). I can guarantee that whatever floats your boat, California can set sail on all these things and more.

Money doesn’t grow on trees in California and streets aren’t paved with gold, but people sure do make a lot of money. And you should also bring a wad of cash with you wherever you go. Food and accommodations will be expensive, especially during the peak time of spring break fever and in student-populated vacation spots, but there are deals out there to be found, and a little time and research should allow you to work out a plan that lets you live as comfortably as you can (keeping in mind you are a college student on a budget).

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The climate in California is varied. You could get lucky and have beautiful weather, but chances are it’s much different for every location you go to. Seasons are distinct, but you should anticipate nice but cool weather for your spring break extravaganzas. Of course the farther south you go the more chances you have for better weather.

Better weather also means the beaches will be hotter than ever. You can find an endless array of things to do and see throughout the coast of California. Decide on the northern or southern part of the state and make one of the many beach destinations your stomping ground. The climate – and I don’t mean weather – in California is very distinctly defined by northern (Nor Cal) and southern (So Cal) California. What does this mean for you? Well a lot… and not much at all.

I speak solely from my experiences living in both locations: there is a huge difference when visiting each locale. For example, northern California is a bit more relaxed and not as into the BMWs and Prada bags as southern California. Although that is not to say that there aren’t tons of yuppies in the Bay Area, Nor Cal just has a different vibe.

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Northern California is known for the Silicon Valley, where young entrepreneurs strike gold in the computer business. So there are a few high-rollers there, you could say. You can expect a variety of people and places once you head south. So Cal to me is more high-paced and has a fast-cash kind of atmosphere. There is lots of traffic, pollution, and consumerism that balance the opposite lifestyle where people who skate and surf reside there as well. So it’s hard to label each place; let’s just say that neither northern nor southern California will let you down.

If partying is your activity of choice California knows how to “throw down”. From swank bars and clubs to an all-out wicked good time, there is no way to avoid finding the omnipresent alcohol. California is famous for its wines and vineyards in the Napa Valley, (close to San Francisco) and would be an excellent day trip if you plan on being in that area.

So what are you waiting for? There isn’t anything better than a little California Love on your spring break. Don’t let this one pass you by.