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So here you are once again battling through dreary winter with no end in sight when it hits you, the light at the end of the tunnel, the moment you have been waiting your whole life, (well not really but it would be a lot of fun) a Spring Break epiphany: Cancun, Mexico.

The luxurious beaches, the lush jungles, ancient ruins and the beautiful hotels all call your name. Benefits of going to Cancun are many, yes, but most students just care about the abundance of alcohol, alcohol and wait, you guessed it, more alcohol. Your yearly intake of alcoholic consumption could happen in one small week in Cancun, Mexico on Spring Break. Do I have to say more?

For those of you worried about what your parents might say, tell them it’s an ‘educational trip.’ You are working to graduate college with a minor in heavy drinking. And best of all Mom, I don’t have to worry about drinking the water and getting sick, because I will only be drinking beer. For all of the novice drinkers out there, remember this fail-proof saying to avoid near catastrophe while in Cancun: “Beer before liquor makes you sicker, liquor before beer you’re in the clear.”

Over 100,000 students embark upon Cancun every Spring Break to explore Mayan ruins, swim with dolphins, snorkel in coral reefs, golf, parasail, rent wave runners in the ocean, go on a jungle tour, or just lay on the beach, shop and party and, most of all, get a little crazy. This is the place to be on Spring Break.

Cancun lies on the east coast of Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico. Beautiful weather will accompany your Spring Break. Known as part of the “Mexican Riviera,” Cancun hosts 14 miles of coastline with turquoise water, white beaches and lots of places to rest the day away before the Cancun nightlife begins. Cancun is definitely known for its “after hours.” Clubs and bars are all over Cancun, and you can guarantee these places won’t close down till the sun comes up.

Most of you will be familiar with MTV’s infamous Spring Break tours. MTV loves Cancun and Cancun loves MTV. This is a resident location for the coverage of American students’ favorite Spring Break destinations. Thousands of people tune in to see what could possibly happen next on Spring Break, but year after year it keeps getting better. Make your parents proud, go to Cancun for Spring Break, get on TV, make a fool of yourself – but have the time of your life.