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Caribbean Travel Guide
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Ah the Caribbean, just saying it makes you a little more relaxed and ready for the beaches, sun and beautiful weather.

Your exotic adventure starts now. So you want to travel the South Seas in style? You are looking at the right place. These islands know how to live in the lap of luxury and take you on an all-out good time or begin your adventures far removed from the tourist locations and million-dollar resorts into the most relaxing island life. You can’t lose if you want stunning crystal waters and white sand beaches, and especially if you want to relax and have time to do nothing but sunbathe.

The Caribbean has thousands of islands to get lost in, from sizes large to small. The hot spots are known for their huge and lavish resorts that might cost the unknowing traveler a few bucks. Like any vacation, know where you want to go and what you want to do and, especially, plan early. If you want to indulge in the resort life, look for great vacation deals and packages that could potentially save you money and also make activities available to you that you might not be able to partake in otherwise. There is an advantage to staying at a resort, but there is also the thrill of venturing above and beyond the hotel lobby to begin the advantage of island hopping. Hotels are not your only resource while in the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea, but instead rent a kayak and camp for a few days. You can find Caribbean hostels or cheap Caribbean hotels in locations off the beaten path. This is a great way to really experience the culture of individual islands and get past the glitz and glam of huge resorts.

Out of the most popular and most visited islands you will find very appealing tourist locations. These places very much cater to the international traveler and the money they bring in. But on the plus side, who wouldn’t want to spend their days vacationing in 75-degree weather, with sun averaging over 300 days a year in certain places? You can’t go wrong with these statistics in your favor, no matter where you are in the Caribbean.

Age is most often just a number when you want to throw caution to the wind and drink and gamble, so let the good times roll. Bars and clubs are in high supply and scattered all over the islands, with many located in the resorts themselves. To venture a little outside of the resort, check out local concerts or festivals that happen year-round, where you can get a feel of the local music and people.

For a small geography lesson keep in mind that the Caribbean encompasses a huge portion of land and water. Thousands of islands are scattered over a huge distance, and this makes for very different locations and experiences. Some of the most popular destinations are the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Jamaica, but by no means are these the only island paradises to visit. For more info on other hot locales you will have to put a little time and energy into it, but in return will get your bang for your buck.

The Caribbean offers beautiful scenery mixed with a whirlwind of things to do or the luxury of doing nothing at all. You can live lavishly in luxurious resorts or live on the edge a bit and begin and end your adventure island hopping. The possibilities are as endless as the Caribbean is beautiful.

It is near impossible to sum up what the Caribbean is in a sentence or two, let alone in an article, but you can assume that beach lovers the world around don’t joke about this being one of the best places to get their fix. The physical beauty is the first thing that attracts people to the Caribbean, but the lure of the culture, activities and people leave a lasting impression that once you leave, it will never be truly forgotten.

Bahamas | Jamaica | Puerto Rico