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What’s wrong with the world today is that you have too many choices. Let me be the first to simplify the decision making process. You must experience Europe sometime in your life, and spring break is just around the corner, so why not cross it off your list now? You will so thank me later.

So now that your first decision has been made, there are many many others to come when traveling anywhere in Europe. Read on for a few inside tips of how to travel and what ways are best for the eager travel seeker.

First your plan of attack, or in other words, where you will actually be going. I like to live on the edge a little, be a risk taker, and being both risky and knowledgeable in Europe are both extremely important and can only make your trip even more successful. There are two great ways to travel Europe: first with a tour group, and second flying solo by the seat of your pants. So there are obviously varying degrees for both of these ways to see Europe, but both may be great options for your travels abroad.

The benefits of a group: great tours, ease of travel-usually ride a bus through the country; accommodations are already made for you, etc. Of course you might not get truly off the beaten path but rather fall into the tourist mind frame. Though if you have only a week for your spring break expedition, time frame is something to consider on your travels.

The flip side of that coin is the independent path. It is just you, the elements and no obstacles or schedules to conform to. You are free to do what you want and when you want it. Lots of students choose this path, and it is extremely easy to navigate Europe and also travel it alone or with a friend. Grab a back pack; I would recommend one that has straps to carry but also wheels (versatility is the key), buy your Eurail pass and you are off. The benefit of buying this pass is that you have free reign of the trains throughout Europe anytime and anyplace. It is a little spendy, but if you are seeing a ton of things in a short time it can definitely save money. So much so that you might not need to apply for a student credit card.

Of course when you are by yourself you need to do a lot more research than being attached to a group. Finding accommodation, places to eat, things to see, etc, all become up to your free will, but if follow-through is a little harder for you, especially if you don’t have your own bus driver, you might want to seriously consider your other options.

Europe is a diverse continent with many languages, cultures, and tastes for its varied destinations. You will encounter many different things while there, and you must keep an open mind about them. For example, the non-nicotine addicts are the minority in Europe. Smoking is widely accepted in all places, and it might be uncomfortable for those who don’t want to smoke a few packs second-hand.

There are 31 countries, principalities and dependencies in Europe. English is not their first language. That is not to say that English is not extremely widely spoken in Europe and most places; especially big cities and tourist spots you will find people who do speak English. But it is definitely a good idea though to learn a few simple phrases before you leave for your spring break country of choice. You know the basics, ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, etc.

And who would travel from home without the luxury of email and the Internet? Most likely no one these days, because it is super easy and quick to find a cybercafé or Internet point in many cities across Europe. To find these locations or any other information about your trip destination, contact the European National Tourist Office. You can get free literature about Europe, get questions answered, look at maps, and find heaps more information for specific locations, activities, weather, etc.

Speaking of weather. You wouldn’t want to forget your passport when you leave, and you also wouldn’t want to forget to check the weather of the locations you will be at. It’s sometimes cold and rainy, and packing a jacket becomes hard when you want to keep it light and versatile, but you might never know that if you don’t check it out first. This is a huge tip and important not to forget whenever you travel anywhere.

Packing is obviously a hard task for any traveler and there is no right answer, just a suggestion to keep it light, versatile and save extra room for souvenirs. Of course many people will say that the lighter the better but please, that is only acceptable for a small number of people. The main thing is to pack what’s right for you, and to remember you will be the one who has to suffer with it in the long run if there is too much.

Food is the one of the biggest issues, second to accommodations. If all else fails when sightseeing goes wrong, you at least want a comfy place to sleep and food to eat. So with that in mind, think ahead. For countries where you cannot read the menu or there are no pictures of the food in the restaurant, think about going to a grocery store or market and picking out items that you would enjoy eating so you can pick them out on a menu. Never thought of that one before did ya?

Of course food in Europe doesn’t necessarily accommodate the vegetarians, let alone vegan eaters, so be willing to throw caution to the wind while there and eat a little meat. You may be forced to eat something you hadn’t anticipated, but from personal experience people may not react as kindly as they do in the US to dietary needs.

Of course a good person to find out about veggie eating or specialty eating is a hotel concierge. These people are great resources when you are finally there to pick their brains about what is hot or not in the city. These people are supposed to be experts, so don’t hesitate to ask. You do have some choices of hotels in Europe. Hotels are not necessary; Europe has an abundance of hostels that many young people find are a great way to travel Europe. If your travels are longer than a short stay, think about living on the edge a little and possibly renting a house or apartment. For the biggest bang for your buck consider camping, staying in a boat (where applicable), do a little cave dwelling in Southern Europe, or sleep like royalty in a castle. You can even check out a night’s stay (or more) in an ancient prison or water tower. There are endless possibilities waiting for you to tap into them.

Some of the larger issues have been discussed regarding the details of traveling Europe, but may I now remind you why you want to travel there. Whether it is the cuisine, architecture, language, culture, arts, history, theater, entertainment or just the pure romance of it all, there are so many things to see and experience in Europe it will accommodate any traveler with a small or larger budgets, time or experience.

Anywhere in the United Kingdom is sure to speak English and also show you a good time. There are classic locations to go to in London to see the sights, but people will also tell you that the smaller cities across the country will never fail you either. Italy and Greece are chock full with art, history, ruins and so many other things in fact that it would be impossible to see them all during your trip.

Of course the other main player is Paris, France. Paris stands out with the Louve art museum and the Eiffel Tower. There is more to this city than meets the eye but these two attractions bring in millions of people. Spain is a culturally rich country, with beautiful beaches and impressive cities but also a love for soccer and bullfighting. It is impossible not to have the strange desire to see Amsterdam, Holland and all its vices that make it such a popular destination.

Really, the question isn’t why travel Europe; it is why not travel Europe.

You can’t really sum up everything these locations are in just a sentence or two. There are many things to take into consideration when traveling to Europe, but the most important decision you have already made is to go. With that said, the rest is up to you and the time of your life you are sure to have while there.

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