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The boundaries of this state are really just the beginnings of an underwater adventure. You will find beautiful beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving and water attractions coast to coast in one of the United States biggest tourist states, Florida.

Florida is host to two of the largest international travel destinations: Miami and Orlando. People don’t just come to Florida for the oranges anymore; it’s all about the things to do and see. Florida is literally an endless playground for those seeking jam-packed entertainment day in and out, or even for others who want a leisurely relaxing getaway. You can have the best of both worlds wherever you decide to travel to in Florida.

Florida not only loves tourism, shall I also mention, Florida knows spring break. Cities like Fort Lauderdale, Panama City and Daytona Beach go all-out for the thousands of spring breakers who trample the beaches, just waiting to escape the worries of school on their spring break vacations. Panama City was named the number-one beach in the US by the Travel Channel for spring break fun and sun. If over 500,000 people all visit during a span of 3-4 weeks, you know it’s got to be a place you won’t want to miss.

Disney World is top dog round these parts, but is acting giddy when you see Mickey Mouse again still really fun? I think so. There must be something in the water in Florida, because across the state they have a crop of amusement parks for the young and old. If Mickey Mouse isn’t your thing for spring break and you would rather just drink the day away, that is all completely feasible as well. A little online research before you leave will remedy all of these problems, so figure out what you want to do and then choose one of the many cities that will cater to your desires.

If you want to go big but on a budget Florida might be a little hard to accomplish. Because there is so much to do in this state it seems students are most likely to spend their money easily and quickly on everything from flights, accommodations, food and of course entertainment. Disney World and a cold beer anyone? So the best suggestion would be to look for packages, plan EARLY and make a clear plan of what you want to do when you get there and stick to your budget. Although if you are one of the few, the proud, the elite, i.e. people who have an endless supply of money, go big or go home. Fun does not extend to how much money you spend, you can get by with nothing, or have everything, there is always just chillin’ on the beach, and that is always free.

The west coast of Florida is known less for its high fashion and more for the reality of the locations. The west coast offers a little less of the pull of Orlando and Miami Beach, main players in the tourist industry, but offers its own unique style and attractions.

East or west coast you visit in Florida you can find the beaches no one wants to leave, the amusement parks that will most likely suck your pockets dry, and a distinct cultural experience everywhere.

So there you have a small grasp on things in Florida. You will have a million and one things to do there but you might not have the million and one dollars to spend, so choose wisely my friend and get a second job when you get back home.

Daytona Beach | Miami | Orlando