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Surf’s up Bro. Eight islands, blue water, volcanoes – a tropical paradise. The Hawaiian Islands are not just any paradise; these exotic locales incorporate a mix of culture, heavenly surroundings and a superior party scene. Thousands of spring breakers who decide to get away, but without going out of the US, head to the small islands in the Pacific Ocean for all their spring break needs.

If you want to spend your spring break in Hawaii, Oahu is probably going to be your cheapest option. Oahu has about 80% of the population of Hawaii. Oahu means “The Gathering Place,” which is true not only of the state’s population that resides there, but also because of tourism. Tourism booms in Hawaii. Seven million people a year visit, comprising one-third of Hawaii’s income. Another third comes from the US military, at $3 billion a year, and lastly, in a far distance is agriculture.

Oahu, Maui and the Big Island are the three most-visited places, and if you want to think of them as the tourist traps so be it. Oahu has the biggest array of tourist accommodations and activities to do. The best beaches in Hawaii to visit are: Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head and North Shore. North Shore is famous worldwide for its huge swells and excellent surfing, but unfortunately during spring break it will be flat as a philosophy lecture. Traveling Oahu and most of the islands, you can rely upon the bus system and taxis, or you can rent bikes and mopeds to zip your way around local places. The places we most commonly associate Hawaii with are located in Oahu, for example, Honolulu (state capital), Waikiki, Pearl Harbor and Sunset Beach.

Hawaii is named the Aloha state, a greeting of hello and departure but also symbolizing love. The most difficult thing for tourists, and most amusing thing for locals, are seeing the inexperienced traveler try to navigate their surroundings with the confusing street names. Now that you have been warned, take advantage of some resources before you go and while you are there to study up where you want to go and what the streets are to get there. There is nothing worse than the rude tourist asking for directions because they have been lost for an hour.

Hawaii loves to celebrate one of their many cultural events in style. The Merrie Monarch Festival is Hawaii’s biggest hula competition in April, and as an extra event to your roster of fun and sun, shake your booty on down at the competition.

Getting leid in Hawaii could never be easier. The traditional flower leis are given on celebratory event. Leis were originally used during cultural ceremonies, but as Western culture became influential in Hawaii in the mid-1800s one thing has led to another and more myth than reality is associated with the flower leis. The tourist industry now has escalated the use of leis, but they are to be given and received on special occasions. But it is a celebration of sorts coming to the Hawaiian Islands, so why not live it up with a lei? There are also many meanings behind the leis, such as color and flower types, that depend on the events and who is giving or receiving the lei. As a visitor you must remember that leis are a token of respect and love, and a kiss should always accompany the giving or receiving of one.

The most-visited landmark in Hawaii is the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu. About 1.5 million visitors come to pay tribute to the 2335 servicemen that lost their lives at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Lastly, every tourist that visits knows Hawaii has its only blend of unique Japanese and Polynesian cuisine that is yum-yum-yummy for the tummy. If you want to experience what a Hawaiian Lu’au would be you could pay a small price to eat the kalua pig and watch the traditional hula dancing. A small price indeed, to pig out on some great grub and see the cultural side of Hawaii, not just the glitz of tourism.

I am confident in saying I heart pupu, and you should be too. If you don’t know what that means, a short trip to Hawaii and just maybe the beauty of the scenery, the ocean and the culture will wear off on you and you will know what pupus are too. See you there…