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Jamaica mon. Dust off the Bob Marley CDs because you are headed to the true home of reggae and Jah love. Jamaica is a tourist paradise. If you don’t go for the booze, the atmosphere and beauty of the island is what you will remember once back home. Negril is the largest tourist city in Jamaica and growing in size every year; with 1.3 million tourists arriving in Jamaica annually, there has to be something great that keeps them coming back.

The biggest high in Jamaica is not the people or the greenery but rather the mountainous landscape. At 7,402 feet, Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Peak is the tallest point in the eastern half of North America. Although the people are a close second to the highs of Jamaica, you will be amazed at the friendliness and easygoing spirit of the locals.

If you didn’t guess, Bob Marley and reggae are fixtures in Jamaica. If you have time in your trip stop by Bob Marley’s former home in New Kingston to see how this superstar once lived. The museum is the most-visited attraction in Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston. If you are looking for other sights and sounds in Kingston, stop by the local markets of the city for shopping and bargaining or, for an educational and visually enhancing stop, visit the National Gallery where Jamaican artwork from the 1920s to the present is on display.

If you didn’t guess, reggae festivals and concerts are one of the main attractions for nightlife outings. Bars are located in resorts and around town, but many tourists flock to these outdoor events as their nighttime entertainment of choice. Drinking is not the main focus of activities (although it can be easily incorporated throughout your trip). For daytime drinking take a catamaran (large boat) on a cruise, otherwise known as a “booze cruise” and not only have fun, but most of these boats take you to great cliffs to jump from (though this is not recommended while intoxicated).

Jamaica is not solely focused on alcohol consumption, but the hottest not-to-be-forgotten spots are the beaches. Keep in mind some of the best beaches around Jamaica are owned by the large resorts, so you might not be able to access these ocean oases if you don’t stay at a resort. Don’t take for granted staying at a resort in Jamaica though. The country has a huge tourist population, but unfortunately just outside these areas is a much different and struggling country. Jamaica is over-populated and poverty-ridden; while traveling there make sure to keep an open mind and be grateful for the beauty and kindness of the locals and your trip will be all good.

“No worries mon.” Let everything else go while in Jamaica, and let this so-true Jamaican phrase summarize your vacation.