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Mazatlan is truly a Mecca for student travel in Mexico. Over 100,000 students trek to this exotic location on the western Mexican coast during one month out of the year. Students from all reaches of the globe know that Mazatlan offers an unbeatable experience in Spring Break style.

Mazatlan is the second-largest coastal city in Mexico and hosts the largest commercial port in all of Mexico. That means seafood, seafood and seafood galore! (If you like that sort of thing.) Mazatlan is also home of one of the longest uninterrupted beaches in all of Mexico. This city loves the ocean and the beach, and you can find a multitude of things to do if you are interested in either. Another fun-filled fact is Mazatlan has only received 4 days of rain in March in the past 26 years. I can only say one word, WOW! For Spring Breakers rain can definitely put a damper on your experience. You can bet that the next 26 years will probably amount to another 4 days of rain (and hopefully not while you are there).

If quiet relaxation is what you are looking for, Mazatlan might not be the place to find it. Thousands of students visit this city because of its unbeatable coastline, beaches, parties, bars and drinking. Let’s be real here, one of the main reasons to visit Mexico is to party till you literally drop, wake up at 4 p.m. and do it all over again. Nighttime entertainment seems to fit into two categories: the large party bars and dance clubs, and the relaxed local entertainment you can find in outdoor cafes and bars. It is not impossible to find a moment of relaxation, but who would want to? There are too many things to do and places to go.

Navigating Mazatlan (with a hangover) is also made easy with cheap cabs and taxi rides. For the adventurous, busses are also available. They’re even cheaper than taxis but can often be busy during peak hours of the day. Communication is almost all in English. The residents of Mazatlan are used to tourists and especially English-speaking college kids. Don’t worry about any language barriers.

Just because you are a tourist doesn’t mean that you will be paying off your Spring Break debt along with your college loans. Eating, entertainment and shopping are all reasonably priced for all budgets. If leaving home is just too hard for some, American food and luxuries are right around the corner (literally). There are many American-style restaurants to eat at if Mexican food for 7 days and nights might get old. This bustling city does not really leave you with the feeling of being abroad in a foreign country. If being engulfed in Mexican culture and atmosphere is your top priority Mazatlan gives you a taste of this culture, but its focus is on the tourism and activities that attract thousands of college students every year.

Some of the activities that a traveler should plan into their schedule include: sea cruises, sightseeing around town including beautiful old churches, island-hopping, shopping for souvenirs and trinkets for family and friends the outdoor markets, and also visiting the Acuario Mazatlan which is an exotic aquarium and very cheap to get in. The beach is a must, of course. You can’t go there without taking a swim in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Mazatlan is the host of all these exciting activities and so much more, the only way to experience it all is to begin saving your lunch money now and invest in the Spring Break trip you will not regret.