South Padre Island Spring Break, Texas Spring Break Packages

Let’s party in South Padre Island, Texas. Spring Breakers flock to this beach community every year and can experience all the fun in the sun activities they want for their spring break vacation.

Southern hospitality gets set aside for one month when South Padre Island increases its population with students from all over the country. Located between beautiful beaches and blue water, Mexico lies just 30 miles away. If you want to venture into Mexico it will cost you a whole 25 cents to cross the border and another 35 cents to come back. (Expensive I know.) Across the border is a market where your bargaining skills will come in handy. Of course the legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, so if you cross the border to go party and drink use caution when coming back into the US. If you are visibly intoxicated you could get arrested, and that would so not be worth it. While Mexico would be a great day trip, there are plenty of things to do on the island that will keep you busy.

South Padre is a water wonderland. And if you don’t like the beach they even have a water slide park that is another great day activity. While on vacation you can skydive, windsurf, horseback ride, shop, golf, play tennis, fish, rent go-karts, catch a movie or take a cruise. Visit the South Padre Island visitor’s center and be sure to ask about tours, sight-seeing trips and other activities on the island.

But lets be honest, crazy Texans and crazy college kids from across the country come here to party! There are tons of nightclubs and bars where you and your friends can compete to see who can charge the highest bar tab.

Because of the influx of students visiting during spring break make sure to book your reservations in advance. South Padre also has deals you can find with great packages that will include nightlife activities and also hotel accommodations. South Padre is a slightly spendy tourist city. Your main costs will of course be alcohol and additional tourist traps. But don’t worry too much about food. By the time you wake up from the previous night’s events it will already be dinner and time for more alcohol.

To get off the beaten path and really make your spring break memorable, go dolphin watching or, even better, strap on the diving gear and check out some of the great underwater sights Texas has to offer. You can dive in the surrounding underwater reefs or shipwrecks and even go on a night dive. Some tours even include meals in the cost of the package. Although you will definitely be spending a bit more money for these very unique experiences, you might as well make your vacation the best it can possibly be.

South Padre Island hosts a number of things to do, all geared toward the fun-seeking student. South Padre is very similar to a certain Mexican vacation destination, but it is located on the south tip of Texas and still has some Southern charm. Locals will tell you this is the place to be when the sun is out: the water is warm, and there are no other worries but to have fun in the sun.