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Your spring break pilgrimage to Utah probably won’t include any religious detours, rather the quest to the holy mountains that are graced by god-like skiing conditions that are more than abundant in Utah. The great outdoors are calling you, and you have to answer the only way you know how.

Ski, board, make snow angels, whatever your thing is you can find it on the mountains of Utah. Utah receives over 500 inches of snow annually, proving this state has a substantial claim on one of the country’s best snow sport playgrounds.

So you are probably reading this because who really cares about sun, bathing suits and getting tan on spring break? Masses of people all getting drunk in Mexico is not the destiny you wish to have on spring break. So leave the weak-spirited at home and be the thrill seeker looking for something a little more daunting than snorkeling and lying on the beach. Utah is host to a whopping 17 resorts to begin your tour of terror on the mountains.

A short drive from Salt Lake City, the state capital, you will find about half of the states ski resorts including Solitude, Brighton, Snowbird and Alta. If you are looking for a central location to begin and end, your journey Salt Lake is the place. From there you can travel far and wide in the state to reach the most pristine and untouched powder the mountains have to offer.

Each resort anticipates the influx of students and avid skiers to their mountains during the spring break weeks, and many may offer vacation incentives but also events at the mountain such as concerts and ski or snowboard competitions. Check before you go to see if any mountain is putting on events worthy of viewing, but if all else fails go straight to the resort bar and throw a few back before doing even more damage on the mountain.

Attention advanced skiers and boarders: for a little more bang for your buck check out local resorts offering services like heli-snowcat tours. These aren’t your normal tourist trap attractions. For a small fee you can be one of the crazy people to be dropped off at the top of a mountain from a helicopter, or take a snow cat up to ski down the dangerous and challenging terrain. But hey, all in a day’s work right? It was the beers at lunch that convinced you to do this. For the novice skier stick to the green runs, don’t get any “good” ideas.

Your trip is going to cost you some money, so don’t go getting too excited just yet. For those of you who will deal with the consequences of having extremely good snow and lucrative cash flow it’s not a problem. You people are the minority; unfortunately for the rest of us out there it is a cruel world paying the price of lift tickets these days. You will have to dig deep in your pockets, and to be a little thrifty look for week passes that resorts offer at a lower rate if you stay more than one day skiing at their mountain.

If you want to save some money and pass up the mountain for a day of excitement, you might be dreadfully bored. Besides the great outdoors that draws people to Utah there isn’t much else to do. The occasional shopping or hiking but that doesn’t beat the thrill of the wind in your face as you race your friends down hill on fresh powder.

It comes down to this: it will be a costly trip, but for those who are passionate about the sports it’s well worth it. If snow sports aren’t your thing you should head elsewhere.