Disclaimer, of Sorts

“Plan easy, party hard” – you see this slogan all over Student Spring Break.com, but what exactly do we mean when we say it?

Recently someone asked if our using this slogan, and talking about drinking and such in some of the destination info pieces, meant that we were telling people to go out and get smashed, laid and totally messed up. Fair question. When we say, “Plan easy, party hard,” are we advocating a lifestyle or vacation devoted to drinking, drugging, shagging, etc.?

Just so it’s clear: no, we’re not. However, we aren’t going to act like students don’t party or drink or drug or shag. But just because that’s what a lot of people do, doesn’t mean we think you should, or they should, or anyone should. (And by the way, when we say “students”, we mean college/university students.)

We don’t see it as our role to tell anyone to do anything, be it Belushi a bottle of JD or never touch a drop of booze, or be it party in Cancun or build houses in Kenya. Spring break is yours to do with as you see fit. We don’t advocate things such as excessive drinking, drug use, law-breaking, hooliganism, riots, or the general consumption of macrobrew beer (though we’ll forgive this last one, because we remember what it’s like trying to drink on a college student’s budget).

Whatever you do, we didn’t tell you to do it, are not responsible for your actions and do not advocate anything. This site is here to show options, discuss the attributes, activities and reputations and such of different parts of the world and what they are known for, especially in terms of Spring Break.

However, we’re not going to stick our heads in the sand and talk around the subject of partying. A lot of students – not all, but a lot – view spring break as a big stress-relief party. And yes, that may entail some things Mom and Dad or Ma and Pa U.S. Culture might not look upon fondly.

If there’s anything we might suggest you do, it’s to educate yourselves, to be responsible and to understand that your actions have consequences. Unwanted, un-fun things can happen as a result of too much drinking, drugging, etc., like (and this is only a partial list) alcohol poisoning, arrest (which really sucks in foreign countries), rape, fights, assault, death, car crashes, hotel balcony swan dives, unwanted pregnancies, funky diseases, lost passports, stolen cash, busted friendships, killed relationships, and probably lots and lots of guilt sooner or later…

You’re responsible for your actions, and for your decisions. Not us, or the information on this site, or the manufacturers of the Coronas you might slam in Cancun. If you want to party it up, it’s not our place to tell you what to do. If you want to chill out and relax and pass on the helping of “wild”, hey, more power to you – it’s your life, your choices, your spring break.

A college friend of Ant’s once said, “Two things separate us from the animal kingdom. One, we can use cutlery. Two, we can control our own sexual impulses, and everything else – so have some sense, think about some things.” Please do. Educate yourself. Understand that actions have consequences. And remember that you are the one responsible for the things you do in life, and on Spring Break.

Here’s to you having an awesome time. May everything go right, and may you have awesome stories and memories to regale about over non-macrobrew beer for many years to come.

Some more thoughts on spring break (a USA Today article; right-click the link and select “Open in New Window”)

For our part, that’s it – hit the site, read up on destinations, book your trip, have fun, try to keep your head on straight, and don’t break the law. But to keep our lawyers happy, here’s the legal stuff:


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