Why Use Student Spring Break?

Because you have enough to do at school, without having to stress out over what you’re doing for Spring Break. It’s supposed to be fun, relaxing, a way to blow off steam. You shouldn’t have to build up even more steam because you have to scour the web from one end to the other, just to figure out where you want to go and how you can get there. Now that you’re here, you’ve got your starting place, and from one site you can find the resources you need to have an awesome Spring Break. But, with all the resources online and in the real world that you can use for your next trip, why stick around on this one?

The chaps behind this site (and its sister site, Student Travel Resources.com) are the 4 lads and 1 lass of BootsnAll Travel, the Ultimate Resource for the Independent Traveler. We are passionate about 2 things in this zapped-up loonball of a world: traveling, and helping other people use the ‘Net to travel the way they want to travel. We know how awesome it is to travel while you’re in college, be it Spring Break or any time. We put Student Spring Break together, well, because we didn’t have it when we were students. But that’s also when we did a lot of our traveling; heck, college is how BootsnAll got started, when BnA’s co-founders Sean (Yank) and Chris (Aussie) met at Australia’s University of Queensland.

Since 1999, we’ve worked like mad to build sites that give traveler’s eye-view information, and that help travelers connect with one another. Student Spring Break is your way to make your travel plans from one website, instead of hopping from one end of the Web to the other. So here you go. We hope you like it, we hope you find it useful, we hope it helps you make your next trip even more amazing. (Email Sean at e-mail Sean if you have feedback or suggestions – we crave that.)

So why use this? Because hitting the road, and having a helluva time on it, is what this site, and BootsnAll, and us, are all about. You wanna get away for Spring Break? Europe? Cancun? Florida? Go to and do it. Blow off that steam, have some fun, and let us help you have an even better time. Now head back to our Spring Break travel homepage, and start planning your spring break.